Lost Humanity In Humans

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Touching the heights of modernity,

losing its sight of amiability.

discovering new horizons,

while forgetting the ethos.

Well is this the direction where we are heading ? This is a dark world where money and status are worshipped . Kindness and generosity are qualities which can only be found by a torch. Are we humans losing our soul?

The only thing that makes us different from the other 8.7 million species is our humanity. It is our humanity which makes us spiritual and our spirit which makes us human. One of the most important reason because of which the human race has survived this far, has to be

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Vision India

vision india
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India should be a country that accepts all people. From all countries. There should be amity between the natives and the foreigners. People from all over the world should make India their home. Diversity is a predominant feature of India, but it is restricted to the diverse cultures of India. India is hardly accustomed to the cultures of any other country. India can only develop, if it allows the culture of globalization to prosper in it. India should solve the cultural differences it frowns on bearing in mind the cultural differences it creates within its people, due to globalization, in order to create a better place.

When India is truly acceptable with the fact that different people have their own views, and they are truly free to follow the customs and traditions of their country or place, it is then that India will truly be considered as a superpower. India should be able to provide jobs and a decent place for people to live in.

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